Ben is now apart of the SAN ANTONIO SWING DANCE SOCIETY. Take classes with him in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Tap, Vernacular Jazz. Find more information here: www.SASDS.org

Photo by Gloria


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Ben Luhrman started swing dancing in 2006 when one of his friends invited him to Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio, TX. Since then he has come to love Lindy Hop, Jazz Age music, and history.

Now Ben travels all over dancing, instructing, competing, performing, and learning. He strives for authenticity in his own dance and encourages others to find their own voice. He is intrigued by the originality, rhythm, and fun swing dance exudes. He is also convinced that leading and following are both equally important tasks. Ben takes pride in his local community of San Antonio, working with the San Antonio Swing Dance Society (non-profit), KRTU Jazz 91.7 (non-profit), local musicians (like the Jim Cullum Jazz Band) , organizing events, preserving, and celebrating the joy of swing dance one step at a time. – CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS



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